Intimate DIY wedding on the West Coast at Wolfgat in Paternoster

You have to put yourself in our shoes to completely understand the amazingness of this day. Not only did Elzanne and Ryno have the most beautiful day celebrating their marriage in the company of friends and family, but the entire wedding was comfortable, unique and completely homemade. The whole vibe of their wedding was well rounded by the award winning restaurant, Wolfgat. Kobus Van der Merwe, the owner and chef at Wolfgat, is seriously amazing at what he does. 

Before we get to the details (oh the details!!), let's set the mood. It's a sunny day on the Cape West Coast with a horizon of turquoise ocean stretching as far as the eye can see. There's a group of close friends and family, no serious formalities, and two people celebrating their love for one another while wining (and ginning and beering) and dining as the afternoon turns into a cotton candy evening. 

Everything at this wedding was foraged, grown, hunted, pickled and brewed by Elzanne and Ryno. The idea was to keep it as cost effective, sustainable and responsibly hunted or farmed as possible. The wedding dress was made by Elzanne's mother (a clothing brand called Zebraland) from the material from both Ryno's and Elzanne's mothers' dresses. Her hair and makeup was done by her dear friend, and oh so talented, Charli JvR. As a Botanist/Archaeologist, Elzanne incorporated all her favourite Fynbos and flowery dreams into their special day. Ryno brewed his own beer for the guests to enjoy and hunted a springbok which made an AMAZING starter and main meal. We encourage you to go check out Elzanne's Instagram to read more about the finer details and the food of this amazing day. We've only touched the tip of the iceberg on how much love, sweat and dedication went into this day. 

This is a wedding we would gladly shoot every day, all day. Feast your eyes! 

Wedding photography by Disco Road Photography at Wolfgat Restaurant in Paternoster, Western Cape, South Africa. 

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