1. Cape Town Forest Mommy & Me Photoshoot (+ Daddy): Shay and Cairo

    Date 30 May 2017
    We are absolutely gaga about living in Cape Town. You drive +- 10km and find locations with totally different atmospheres and terrains. One of my favourite ones though is Newlands Forest. Photographing Shay and baby Cairo was ball. Daddy came along so we got him to join in the fun as well…

  2. Mommy & Me Shoot - Astrid And Arianne

    Date 20 Apr 2017
    A couple of Saturdays ago I met with Mommy Astrid and Baby Arianne on Sunset Beach, Cape Town. Arianne had just woken up and it was all smiles since the moment her eyes opened and she saw the camera. We were really lucky as it was a windless day and…

  3. Engagement Photo Shoot: Chad and Zara

    Date 18 Apr 2017
    We were planning on doing Chad and Zara’s engagement shoot at one of Cape Town’s stunning beaches but, as Murphy would have it, the winds were blowing so fast that only a kite surfer would’ve enjoyed the beach. We decided to head for the Newlands Forest instead, as we hoped the trees…

  4. Couple Shoot: Almare & JD

    Date 10 Apr 2017
    We did an Instagram giveaway with Cape Town Magazine a while back. The lucky winners were Almare and JD, and they won a couple shoot at a location of their choice. We ended up doing the shoot on Muizenberg Beach right after sunset - the light did not disappoint! Have a…

  5. Experience the great outdoors with Hi-Tec

    Date 31 Mar 2017
    It’s the end of March and hiking season has officially started. The weather is cooling down and the sun rises a bit later - which means you don’t have to get up as early to go on a sunrise hike anymore. A while back we had a photo shoot with Hi-Tec and…

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