1. Moody Wilderness Couple Shoot: Hendrik & Elné

    Date 18 Jan 2018
    Wilderness is a little piece of heaven in the Western Cape and if you have not been there yet, well then you’ll have to check your priorities. Hendrik and Elné is a lovely couple from Pretoria who decided to take a road trip all the way to Cape Town and through the Garden…

  2. Newlands Forest with Kim & Petri

    Date 11 Dec 2017
    We recently spent a morning with Kim and Petri at Newlands Forest in Cape Town for their engagement photo session. After wandering through the forest taking photos and having an overall amazing time, we found a spot underneath the trees to set up a little picnic. They fed each other…

  3. Deer Park: Ben & Carla

    Date 25 Oct 2017
    Have you ever wondered about the ingredients needed for the perfect photo shoot? For us, these ingredients include a beautiful location, a fun and spontaneous couple, and a hint of moody lighting. On this overcast day, at Deer Park in Cape Town, we were lucky enough to have all three of…

  4. Sunset Beach: Gareth & Melissa

    Date 20 Oct 2017
    For Melissa and Gareth’s engagement shoot we decided to head to Sunset Beach in Cape Town. With forecasts of rain we decided to pack our umbrellas and brave the storm. When we arrived at our location the rain has stopped, leaving us with a moody sky and bits of golden sunlight…

  5. Engagement Session: Alexis and Vickus

    Date 08 Sep 2017
    When all-round awesome couple and beautiful souls, Alexis and Vickus, asked us to photograph their wedding this coming November we new it would be one for the books. Just listening to what they have planned immediately put us in a state of utmost excitement. We’re not going into those details…

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