1. Kirstenbosch Gardens Engagement Session: Matthew & Taneal

    09 Oct 2018
    Visiting the botanical beauty that is Kirstenbosch Gardens is always a massive treat. Every season sprouts its own unique beauty with an array of colours and fragrances. Do you want to know what happens when you combine a stunning botanical garden and an awesome couple, called Taneal and Matthew, for…

  2. Rhodes Memorial Engagement Session: Warren & Jean-Marie

    04 Oct 2018
    For Jean-Marie and Warren’s engagement photo session, we went to Rhodes Memorial on Devil’s Peak in Cape Town. The blend of forest, mountain and the massive man-made structure made for an interesting location and we managed to get a great variety of shots for such a small space. The memorial’s…

  3. Wijnland Auto Museum Engagement Session: Ashley & Sadie

    20 Sep 2018
    We are all about unique locations for engagement sessions. Sadie and Ashley totally hit it out of the park with their request to have their photos taken at the Wijnland Auto Museum. Getting up before sunrise can be quite difficult in winter, but it’s ALWAYS worth it. If you are…

  4. De Wijnlanden Estate Engagement Session: Jandre & Ansophi

    22 Aug 2018
    Ansophi and Jandre invited us to explore one of their favourite spots with them for their engagement shoot. So, we headed to De Wijnlanden Estate where they spend most of their time together. We always encourage our couples to choose an environment where they feel comfortable and it definitely paid…

  5. Lucky Lucy Engagement Session: Sean & Marli

    13 Aug 2018
    While deciding on the perfect location for Sean and Marli’s engagement shoot we received an email that went something like this: “…some friends of ours are actually involved in an animal rescue called the Lucky Lucy Foundation, and we thought doing photos in their cattery with the cats could be…

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