Luna Pouch: Fun Collab with CROOKS Brand

We teamed up with the talented fashion designer Philippa Crooks, founder of CROOKS Brand, for an exciting styled shoot. 

The aim of the shoot is to showcase the Luna Pouch and how and where it can be used to jazz up you look. The Luna Pouch is a nifty bag designed and made by Philippa herself. They come in 4 colours and are made from denim and corduroy among other materials. 

As photographers, we love our Luna pouches. It’s small enough not to be in your way while shooting and the best is that it’s totally handsfree. I have my phone, extra batteries, SD cards and other necessities on me all the time. It’s safe, comfy and it looks cool AF. 

Models: Loren Humphreys, Kamil Hassim, Tatiana Marks, Tsitsi Chiumya
Locations: Franky’s Diner, Sea Point, UCT campus

Order you Luna pouch on the CROOKS Brand Facebook Shop.

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