1. Sunset Beach Engagement Session: Arlene & Tyran

    Date 10 Jan 2019
    Photography is a dance of give and take between photographer and subject. Arlene and Tyran gave a lot of themselves during their engagement shoot and we absolutely love the results. We decided to do their engagement shoot at Sunset Beach - a location in Cape Town that never disappoints. The photo session contained all the…

  2. Deer Park Engagement Session: Etienne & Rozanne

    Date 02 Nov 2018
    Whether you go out and emerge yourself among nature often or once in a while, the reward is always instant. We loved roaming around in Deer Park and just capturing moments between Rozanne and Etienne. They owned their engagement session and we are so excited to get to document their…

  3. Stellenbosch Engagement Session: Annemieke & Jake

    Date 12 Oct 2018
    Going for a stroll in nature sure is a tad bit more enjoyable now that summer is approaching. We had the pleasure of shooting a sunset engagement session with Jake and Annemieke on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. Golden hour was sprouting the good stuff and being surrounded by lovely Jersey cows…

  4. Overgaauw Wine Estate Engagement Session: Dirk & Jeannie

    Date 10 Oct 2018
    Have you ever been to the Overgaauw Wine Estate in Stellenbosch? We recently spent an afternoon there with Jeannie and Dirk for their engagement photo session.We kept things as relaxed and natural as possible, and started off with photographing them enjoying some wine together on the porch of the farm house. After…

  5. Kirstenbosch Gardens Engagement Session: Matthew & Taneal

    Date 09 Oct 2018
    Visiting the botanical beauty that is Kirstenbosch Gardens is always a massive treat. Every season sprouts its own unique beauty with an array of colours and fragrances. Do you want to know what happens when you combine a stunning botanical garden and an awesome couple, called Taneal and Matthew, for their engagement shoot?Have a look…

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