Lockdown Sessions - Virtual Couple Photography

So virtual photography is a thing now… To keep my sanity during this lockdown, I (Chanelle) am giving these sessions a go. It’s flippen great, I get to still do what I’m good at (or at least enjoy) and get some much needed human interaction. Don’t get me wrong, Stephen’s dad jokes are great and in the last week they’ve evolved into something that’s definitely not categorised yet, but these webcam photography sessions are saving my soul and hopefully the Disco Road business as well. 

How does it work? 

Let me tell you, people are getting creative with these and I have a feeling I’ll also adapt and find different ways of “shooting”. At the moment I like to use the FaceTime app or Zoom. I’ve found it works best if my subject uses their phone and not their laptop (phone cameras as generally better than webcams). First we video call each other  and you show me your space so we can find the best lighting and background. Then I tell you where to place the phone. Keep in mind you are my hands and feet. The next step is to follow my direction and have fun. I will be taking screenshots throughout the video call and these are the images I will be editing. 

I tried one of these sessions with a dear friend who lives in the UK. This is also known as a Dudeoir session (boudoir photography for dudes).  Just to be clear, Llewellyn has been wearing animal print clothing waaaaaaay before Carol f…..g Baskin or Joe Exotic was thing. Thanks Wally!

What to expect?

Let’s say hypothetically you/someone you know has downloaded a new movie that is still playing in cinema. You know, those webcam versions…See what I’m getting at?  Well, these photos aren’t something you’re going to be printing on a huge canvas. I couldn’t beat the low quality, so I decided to join in and add a more filmy affect. Retro is cool, isn’t it? I send you all the images (edited), but I also create these collages cause I like to share them on our social media platforms. You can obviously create your own. I wouldn’t set my heart on printing these (maybe the collages), but will see what it looks like after lockdown has come to an end. 

Ciska & Terrie - South Korea

“We had such a blast on the shoot with Chanelle. She made us feel so comfortable and confident. Casual while keeping it professional, with perfect direction. Thank you so much, we LOVE our photos! We will treasure them for many years to come”

Reasons to have a virtual photoshoot

  • You have to stay at home anyway.
  •  It’s social-distancing-friendly (I totally made that up).
  •  Document some memories of these strange times.
  •  Connect with your partner.
  •  Pass the time.
  •  Have fun.
  •  Take orders from me 🤓
  •  Support a small business.

Vernon & Simone - Gauteng

These two love birds got hitched just before the pôpô (covid-19) hit the fan (South Africa) and have been gifted an extended honeymoon due to the lockdown. So for her birthday we had a lovely virtual session. I got to meet their pooches and Vernon got to show of the cake he baked her. 

“When we first heard about Disco Road Photography’s virtual photo sessions we immediately got interested even though we had absolutely no idea what to expect. We worked with their photography team at our wedding and were so impressed by their professionalism and talent, that we knew booking a virtual photo session would surely turn out cool. During the shoot Chanelle was such a pro and made us feel really comfortable even though you might think it would be awkward. We had so much fun and bonded together while being silly in front of the webcam. The photos we received were beautiful, unique and timeless. The team at Disco Road Photography did a stunning job documenting our days together spent at home.”

Shoot me an email to info@discoroad.com if you’re interested or would like to know more. I look forward to an online hangout with you.