Engagement Session: Alexis and Vickus

When all-round awesome couple and beautiful souls, Alexis and Vickus, asked us to photograph their wedding this coming November we new it would be one for the books. Just listening to what they have planned immediately put us in a state of utmost excitement. We’re not going into those details for now (you’ll have to wait until after their wedding of course), but for now we can at least show you their engagement session.

We decided to divide their engagement photo shoot into two parts. For the first part, we headed to the unique and colourful neighbourhood called Bo-Kaap in Cape Town. You know that feeling you got every time you went into one of those candy stores as a child? Well that’s basically the same feeling we had when we first arrived in Bo-Kaap. A complete sensory overload of colours!

For the second part of the shoot, we wanted to incorporate the ocean and decided to head to Sandy Bay (yes, we know it’s also known as Cape Town’s nude sunbathing hot spot, but we didn’t see any free spirits getting their vitamin D fix on this particular day - promise!). If you haven’t been to Sandy Bay before, you’re missing out. It’s absolutely breathtaking. As we waited for the sunset (their first one together as an engaged couple), we shared stories, took photos, and just had an overall great time.

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