About Us

Hi there! We are Stephen and Chanelle, the two photographers behind Disco Road Photography. We are wedding and lifestyle photographers with a mad passion for photography. When we're not busy photographing weddings, engagements, couples, families, or simply adventuring around with our cameras - you'll find us relaxing on one of Cape Town's stunning beaches, or on the road in our adventure mobile. You can read our story here.

Our Photography Style

Our photography style can be described as documentary photography with an artistic flair. Each photograph should be able to tell a story on it's own while also having the ability to contribute to the story within a collection of images. We aim to capture moments as they happen naturally, without forcing you into awkward poses during the course of the wedding day (we'll direct you during the couple session with prompts, capturing those special moments that happen in between). In other words, we document your wedding day exactly as it unfolds. We also like to add a little thoughtful creativity to our photographs and compositions, and we'll often make use of different photographic techniques to give a photo that little something extra.

Our Editing Style

When it comes to editing our photos we have a very specific style in terms of colours, brightness, and the overall look and feel of the image. The colours in our photos are soft and natural, almost as if captured on film. We never edit our photos to be overly bright as we like it to be a bit darker, contributing to the emotion captured in the photograph delivering a certain impact on the viewer. To top it off we add some fine grain to once again add to the film look and to evoke feelings of nostalgia when looking at the photos.

You can have a look at our wedding photography portfolio here or on our Instagram account below the contact form.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our wedding photography packages, please send us a message by means of the contact form below. Also remember to include your wedding date, so that we can check our availability. We would love to hear from you! 

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